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03 June 2018
Primo Piano
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Based on Biederman’s Geon theory, which proposes that the visual input is matched against structural representations of objects in the brain, square was chosen as a base for the logo design to achieve distinct and friendly shape.

People’s ability to recognize complex objects consists of recognizing groups of individual simple geometries. Straight lines and precise shapes used, combined with bold colors convey professionalism and efficiency. 

Font used was specifically crafted with the mix of straight, bold lines and soft, rounded ones. Our mind perceives solid, bold lines as strength and manliness. However, rounds and curves relate to femininity. In combination logo is appealing for everyone and represents unity and tranquility. 

Psychology behind the design

With deeper psychology in mind (pun intended), Gestalt theory states that human brain unites visual elements and shapes seen into a unity with much deeper meaning. (Restaurants floor plan). People form patterns from similarly shaped object and objects that deviate from the pattern go into focus (Square that represents first floor) with pleasant colors granting openness and welcoming customer in. 

Front Cover
primo piano222
Black packaging for bulk products isolated on white background. 3d render image.