Accounting firm
Olimp Prom

About the

28 March 2020
Mirjana Orašanin
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Case study

We start each branding from a deep understanding of the company. We need to be sure that we are on the same page with the client and understand our goals well. First step is gathering product/service attributes and we are using mood-boards which proved very practical for this use case.  

Our primary goal was to create a visual brand identity that reflects the professional spirit of company while staying playful. As our client said: “We take our mission seriously of helping users run their business and focusing on providing best service possible, without distraction of accounting and financial reports“. Moreover, Olimp company group consists of one more subsidiary and it was a tricky task to get these two aesthetics married.

Psychology behind the design

The combination of visually balanced letter O and letter G into one object seems expected, with a twist of some emotional aspect we’ve made by adding rounded hexagon edges, which gave us a perfect ‘magic sauce’ recipe.