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24 October 2019
Logo LLC
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Telling your story is really important

You probably heard this sentence a thousand times, but it absolutely makes sense.  
People are more likely to connect with something that is common to them even a bit than, to something totally unknown. 

The “Logo” company started working in 2007 and its primary occupation was making flags according to the customer’s wishes. 
Quality work and respectful customer service make them the leading company in the region in the field of textile printing, and from the field of textiles, they grew into a company that includes a complete range of visual communication products. 
The decision of rebranding came after they moved to a new location. 

We had an idea to put together their past and the present into a new modern and simple logo. The whole logo icon is in the shape of the flag but it hides some other elements of the company as well. 
Font used was crafted and letters positioned one in front of the other are representing the progress they made. Letters are bold and easily legible so the whole logo is applicable in all different scenarios.